Learning French

CIDEF (Centre international d’études françaises)

Foreign students wishing to learn French language and culture or simply improve their knowledge of French can  enroll at CIDEF, which boasts 60 years of experience in teaching French to foreign students.

Each year over 1,500 students and teachers from 75 different countries come to learn French and improve their knowledge of the language and culture. The training method is unique. Through intensive practice students learn to understand and speak French within a few months.

Foreign students can choose between two programmes : courses during the academic year from October to May or summer courses from July to September.

CIDEF has trained over 40,000 students since it was founded in 1947. It offers students the following:

  • A dedicated team of 70 staff teachers, together with supplementary classes in art history, French history, philosophy, current economic and social affairs and business French.
  • An exam center to take the DELF and DALF, diplomas of the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry –  TCF (test de connaissance de français).
  • Multimedia center.
  • A member of staff available to welcome students on arrival at the train station.
  • The opportunity to meet French people: invitation to family meals and conversations with French students.
  • Trips to Mont-St-Michel, the castles and châteaux of the Loire Valley, Brittany or D-Day landing beaches in Normandy.
  • The opportunity after CIDEF – to take courses in any field taught at UCO, whether at undergraduate or graduate level (Master, Ph.D.).

Summer sessions – courses for academic year (Download the PDF)

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