Practical Info

Residence permit

Students from outside the European Union:

You need to register with the OFII (French Office of Immigration and Integration – Office Français de l’Immigration et de l’Integration) in Rezé near Nantes :

Upon your arrival in France, please send the form you have been given by the French Embassy + a photocopy of the following pages of your passport:

  • page with your passport number
  • page with your photo
  • page with the date of your arrival in France
  • page with your Visa

Address: OFII – 93 bis rue de la Commune de 1871 – 44400 Rezé

The OFII will send you an acknowledgment of receipt to be stapled to your passport.

The OFII will then invites you to a medical examination in Nantes in order to display a security label in your passport.

Students who will stay at UCO longer than the date on the Visa card will have to ask for a residence permit. Procedures can be done at the International Office.


A) Health insurance

  • Every foreign student (except EC students) under 28 must register with the French health insurance (sécurité sociale française) if they study in France for more than 3 months from September 1 by the social security system until September 30 of the following year. Medical charges and hospitalization will be reimbursed by 70 %.
  • It is strongly advised to complete this insurance with a complementary health insurance plan (including repatriation coverage) which reimburses the remaining 30 %.
  • Registration with the French health insurance and its payment (about 215 €) is to be done upon your arrival at the university in France (please bring a certified copy of your birth certificate translated into French).

B) Insurance

  • Every student has to subscribe to a “third party insurance” (assurance responsabilité civile, about 5 € per year).

Food service

  • A cafeteria and a coffe shop operate on the university campus.
  • A university restaurant is located in town (Campus St Serge) for lunch and dinner (meal costs 3.25 €).


The BEC (Cultural Exchanges Office), regrouping several associations, such as The International Relations and Student Support association (RIRE: Relations Internationales – Relais étudiant), welcomes you upon your arrival at the Université Catholique de l’Ouest.


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