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    The Erasmus+ Programme is a European funding programme offering university students a possibility of studying abroad in another European country or other participating countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey and the Republic of North Macedonia). There have been over three million Erasmus students since it first started in 1987, including 300,000 French students.

    Erasmus+ schemes can last between three months and a year while the average length of stay is one semester. Students are offered a unique opportunity to study at a foreign partner university and the academic credits gained will count towards their degree at their home institution.

    All French public universities as well as all private higher education institutions awarding state-recognized diplomas and degrees qualify for the Erasmus+ programme. To benefit from a period of study under Erasmus+, all higher education students must have completed at least a first year of studies. Each year 300 UCO students go on an exchange programme with Erasmus+.


    Within the framework of Erasmus+, students may be awarded a grant to help cover the cost of their study period abroad. Other financial aid may be available from local and regional authorities. If a student is a French government grant holder, he/she will continue to receive that grant while on exchange. By encouraging student mobility within Europe, Erasmus+ promotes openness towards other cultures and raises awareness of multicultural issues while also reinforcing international cooperation between higher education institutions across Europe.


    The 28 EU Member States can take part fully in all Erasmus+ actions, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey and the Republic of North Macedonia.

    Who is eligible?

    Any individual, whether he/she is a student, an apprentice, a teacher or an instructor provided his/her home education institution holds an Erasmus+ University Charter. Most UCO students are eligible, except for those at law school. All applications will eventually be processed by the International Office. However the Golden Rule is for each student to prepare his/her project well in advance with the staff responsible in their school so as to be provided with all necessary support, information and guidance.

    What are the benefits of studying aborad with Erasmus+?

    The reasons why the Erasmus+ exchange programme is definitely worth considering are numerous.
    Some of them are all-important and can certainly allow you to stand out in the job market. Erasmus is indeed a lifetime opportunity to:

    • Learn a new language
    • Experience a new culture first hand and discover new lifestyles
    • Boost your life skills and resourcefulness, hence your sense of self-reliance
    • Test your ability to adapt to different educational systems and manage new ways of learning
    • Receive full credit for all academic work (ECTS credits) and enhance the value of your degree
    • Build long lasting friendships with people from all over the world
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