Why choose UCO?

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    Why study in France?

    Diversity and quality – trademarks of French higher education

    French higher education offers foreign students a wealth of opportunities ranging from broad-based education, vocational education, to specialised or tailor-made courses. One of its main features is to build bridges from one area of study to another or from a short course to a more extensive at any stage of the student’s learning pathway.

    It has achieved international recognition for its multiple assets and scholarly excellence meeting each and every need, as well as its many links with the business world and the international scene. French higher education provides foreign students with a supportive environment regardless of their country of origin. According to the latest TNS Sofres survey carried out for Campus France, 94% of foreign students consider that their period of study in France was a rewarding experience, while 86% believe it enhanced their university studies, and 70% think it boosted their employability.
    With its extensive diversity of subjects and programmes, French higher education has something for everyone in its universities, Grandes écoles, or technological courses. To find a training course tailored to your individual needs, refer to the Campus France catalogue.

    Boost your French language skills

    With some 550 million speakers throughout the world, French is the fourth most widely spoken language. It is the official language of many countries and is used as working language in numerous international institutions such as the European Commission or the UN.   
    For a long time French was regarded as the vehicle for spreading innovative culture, literature and philosophy; it is currently the reference language in such areas as gastronomy, fashion, luxury goods, the automotive and aeronautics industries, and large-scale distribution.

    In recent years, French has grown in popularity, especially in American bilingual schools. French as a foreign language (FFL) is taught on all continents and more particularly in the “Alliances françaises”, language centres and universities in France and overseas.  

    Vocational training within our academic programmes


    At UCO, internships are an integral part of our academic curricula. They acquaint students with working life, putting their knowledge and skills into practice as well as reinforcing their choice of a career. In France, internships may vary from 14 days to a maximum of 6 months per academic year. The law requires that a minimum amount of 480 € per month be paid to the student if the internship lasts at least 2 months.

    Sandwich training courses

    An increasing number of sandwich training programmes (workplace learning supported by academic training on a part-time basis) are currently available and enable students to gain real work experience whilst carrying on with their academic education.

    Discovering a multi-faceted country

     France is famous for its way of life and rich cultural, architectural and artistic heritage. Some 85 million foreign tourists visit the country every year. Among its other attractions are areas of excellence such as gastronomy, wine, haute couture, perfumes, new technologies, health, energy, and aeronautics.   

    The diversity of its landscapes (whether coastline, mountains or countryside), the beauty of its major cities (Paris, Nantes,Angers…) and its numerous sites listed by UNESCO (Mont Saint-Michel, the Loire Valley, Rheims cathedral, the Lascaux caves…) can also explain its continuing popularity with international students.

    Located at the heart of Europe, France is the most visited country in the world. Its health services and road network are at the leading edge of progress. Higher education institutions, usually located in major cities, offer students access to both a rich cultural and invaluable social life ─ museums, bookstores, cinemas, theatre and cafés ─ that give them an opportunity to settle smoothly into their new life. And all the more so since a student status provides easy and often cheaper access to a large number of cultural, sport and tourist activities, as well as to public transportation.  

  • Why choose UCO?

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    UCO, an internationally outward-looking institution

    Our International Office makes sure each and every student receives individual advice and support.
    UCO’s Angers campus prides itself on its international activities and global collaboration with 81 nationalities present every year on campus: 200 international exchange programme students, 350 degree-seeking students for a semester or a full academic year and 1,100 enrolled at CIDEF (Centre International d'Études françaises) to learn French.

    Choosing a reliable and renowned institution

    Its long history makes 140-year-old UCO a widely known and renowned institution in the institutional, economic and academic circles.  

    UCO is a member of the UDESCA network (Union des Établissements d’Enseignement Supérieurs Catholiques), which has included five non-profit-making higher education institutions since 1973. Officially known as Universités Catholiques by the Holy See, they are commonly referred to as "les Cathos".

    Student success is UCO’s central commitment  

    UCO boasts an outstanding success rate at “licence” level (the French 3-year Bachelor’s degree), mainly due to its thorough educational supervision.

    • Three-year graduation rate for a Bachelor’s degree:  68% (national average: 27%)
    • Success rate at first attempt in L1 (first year of Bachelor’s degree): 86%
    • Success rate at first attempt in L2 (second year of Bachelor’s degree): 92%
    • Success rate at first attempt in L3 (third year of Bachelor’s degree): 95%
    • Success rate at first attempt in M1 (first year of Master’s degree): 86 %
    • Success rate at first attempt in M2 (second year of Master’s degree): 81 %


    Customized student support and supervision

    Today, customized student support and advice is UCO’s hallmark.

    All students can have an end-of-semester appointment with their course tutor to enable them take stock of their personal work, the difficulties they’ve met with, etc. They also have the opportunity to meet and discuss with their teachers whenever they need. The small size groups make it possible to work closely with and receive support from the teaching team.
    For those students who find themselves isolated or lost and confused because they are far from home and living on their own for the first time, a confidential listening and counselling service is available on campus with a professional psychologist.   

    An active campus life with numerous clubs and societies

    A vibrant campus life has developed at UCO Angers giving students the opportunity to meet outside the classroom and beyond their specific training programmes, and to discover and enjoy the richness and diversity of UCO’s student population. Thanks to the many services (housing office, health and cultural services, a chaplaincy and a guidance and counselling service), they receive assistance in finding accommodation and from health professionals when needed, and have access to a large cultural offer (exhibitions, dramas, concerts, movies, etc.)

    A specific service, called SOI, is dedicated to student counselling and career guidance on a case-by-case basis. Psychologists advise and help students reflect individually upon their further studies and future career.
    UCO community life includes a total of 24 cultural and sport clubs and organizations, and their umbrella organization named the FEDE. A wide range of events and highlights supervised by the Cultural Office take place throughout the year: the Joutes (recreational sports contests), the clubs and organizations forum, Cathocalypse (an electro-acoustic music concert), festival des 3 coups (a drama festival), etc.

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