UCO has over 165 partner universities worldwide. We host over 150 exchange students and 1,500 French as second language students (at CIDEF) from over 60 countries every year.
Over 350 UCO students spend time abroad for studies and internships every year.

UCO has signed 14 new agreements in 10 different countries and established a double diploma in Human Resources with the University of Québec in Rimouski, Canada.
For the academic year 2011-2012 we are glad to announce 3 other joint degrees with St Edward’s University (Austin, Texas, USA), and Hope University (Liverpool, UK).

Amongst various activities organised for our international students are trips to different destinations in France throughout the academic year.

The following excursions are planned each year:
Mont Saint Michel, Anjou
Les Châteaux de la Loire (Chenonceau, Chambord, Clos Lucé…)
Landing beach in Normandy and Versailles

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